Photography and Video in Nepal

Photography and Video in Nepal

Nepal is a land of vibrant contrasts, robust scenery and wide-ranging diversity in culture and geography. Simply put, Nepal is a photographer's paradise. From lush and home to ancient villages surrounded by terraced fields to the highest peaks on the planet, you will have much to capture for memory's sake and to show family and friends back home and within your social Network.

Nepal captivating scenery and people will provide much inspiration for photography and filming whether you are beginner or an expert. The Lowland jungles are lush and home to exotic plant and animal wildlife. The farmland of the terraced hills provides a rich bounty of nature's splendor and timeless way of life, and the bustling cities are filled with temples and monuments at nearly every corner. Finally, the highest peak on the earth are one of the world's greatest spectacles. Where ever you come in Nepal and however your travel style, you will want to capture the blend of images that you encounter.

Most traveler make do with a digital camera or video recorder. You will want to bring spare batteries and memory cards. Recharging batteries is possible even in remote areas but requires the correct apparatus, including a universal adapter (Nepal electricity run 200 volts/50 cycle) you don't want the feeling of looking at an astonishing view and experiencing a festival scene without the means to capture it ! Spare memory cards are a must, too, especially on long treks, As Nepal will provide you with many opportunities to put them to use.

More experience and serious photographers might want to bring a chest pack and carry extra lenses and perhaps a polarizing or graduated filter and a tripod. In the highlights, battery life can be prolonged by keeping the battery warm, perhaps in a pocket where it can pick up body heat and consider storing batteries inside your sleeping bag at Night while sleeping.

The Natural life of Nepal's surrounding is best around sunrise and sunset for photography. Beginners might also want to remember to bring along the camera's instruction manual for maximizing capabilities and taking home the best shots.

Please keep in mind that while travelling, the people you encounter might not want to be photographed. Although most people in Nepal are quite friendly and welcoming and do not mind being a Part of your Photographic collection, there will be exceptions. Please respect that it is a personal choice and Not all people want their picture taken or their children’s, especially if they are not feeling at their best, are in work clothes or doing something considered private. Be sure to ask before photographing and filming people and while visiting inside monasteries and Temples, too. Most of the time it is completely accepted but when it is not, the wish needs to be respected.

Often having a conversation with a person and describing what it is that you find beautiful or interesting and want to photograph can ease tensions if there is initial reluctance. Sometimes you will be asked to send prints to the Local people whom you photographed. Unless you intend to do so, then It is best not to make any promises. Today's digital camera also allows you to show images immediately after snapping them. If you plan to send photos, then write down an accurate address, and often trekkers coming in after you and we can assist with delivery.

Nepal will be the great chance to put your camera and video recorder to use with sensational landscapes and cultural attractions. You will relish the memories that images provide and sharing them on a social networks will make it all the more enjoyable.

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