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Tibet, the land of snows, the Roof of the world : For centuries the Mysterious Buddhist territory of Tibet. It is located at the highest elevation with its extraordinary natural beauty. Tibet is one of the most remarkable destination that is surrounded by great snow capped mountains, fabulous monastery sights, 100 years of old caravan trails cross the mysterious terrain through veiled valleys to exotic cities all inhabited by the friendly Tibetan Buddhists. The Tibetan autonomous region is also the land of the traditional culture, its arts and monasteries, lakes and rivers, and mighty snow clad peaks are just a few of the intoxicating wonders to be experienced by adventurous travelers who get the opportunity to visit this land. Tibet has many names and inspires an air of mystical dreams. However, Tibet is real and a beautiful place to travel. Tibet possesses a unique culture, firmly rooted in Tibetan religion, but with strong influence from the geography of the Himalayas, and the neighboring civilizations of India and China Geographically.

Tibet can be divided into three major parts- north, south and east. the part is forest region, occupying approximately one-fourth of the land. Virgin forests run the entire breadth and length of this part of tibet. The northern part is open grassland , where nomads and yak and sheep dwell here. This part occupies approximately half of Tibet. The southern and central part is agricultural region, occupying about one-fourth of Tibet's land area. All major Tibetan cities and towns such as Lhasa,  Shigatse, Gyantse and Tsetang are located in this area and are measured the cultural center of Tibet.


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