travel insurance

A travel insurance is policy is essential in the event of loss of Baggage’s, sickness and accidental injury of health. Most policies cover the reimbursement of cancellation fees and other costs, if you must cancel your trip because of accident or illness, or the illness or death of a family member. While traveling in the Himalayas. You may suffer from various health problems, injuries and even altitude sickness. Hence, you have to be prepared earlier if your upcoming destination is this mountainous land.

Check your Insurance policy does not exclude mountaineering and alpinism or you have a difficult time setting a claim. Although you will not engage in such activities you may not able to convince a flatland insurance company of this fact.

If you purchase insurance and have a loss, you must file a police report to summit to your insurance company. If you have a medical problem you can save your all bills and get a physician’s certificate stating you were sick.

Rescue insurance is particularly important when trekking in Nepal. If you are injured and unable to travel, a helicopter will rescue you if you have definer it. It cost is depend upon the place. Normally all rescue is arrange from Kathmandu. Although there is different cost rate for high altitude. All reputable trekking agencies have an agreement in Kathmandu that guarantees payment for Helicopter evacuation, Make sure your agency has a copy of your insurance details. Otherwise you might need to contact your embassy to guarantee payment. Be sure your insurance policy specially covers helicopter evacuation as well as regional medical evacuation.

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