Privacy Policy

Our personal Information in Site:-
We need your personal information like Name, Adress Email Address, Telephone Numbers, Occupation and Passport copies in order to contact you and this type of information is usually required for visa applications and booking flights. We Global Holidays Adventure never misuses your personal information. In case if you receive information from Global Holidays Adventure, it is because you have requested it, or a friend / colleague has requested it on your behalf.



Any of your personally identifiable information will not be made public and it will be stored on servar for security. It will be only accessible for the authorised person of Global Holidays Adventure whenitIs necessary for booking and arranging the trip. We accept your payment by credit card but the details of credit cards will not be stored on our database.

Whenever, some time our policy is subject to revise or to timely update. For that reason, if you have any query, concern regarding to our company privacy / policy or whatever do feel free to write on

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